The city council hereby finds and determines that:
   A.   The written objections to the plan are hereby overruled and the written report presented to the city council on this date is hereby adopted and approved as the city council's response to its findings, pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 33364;
   B.   The project area is a predominately urbanized area which is a blighted area, the redevelopment of which is necessary to effectuate the public purposes declared in the community redevelopment law of the state of California 2 and specifically that the project area is characterized by the existence of buildings and structures, used or intended to be used for living, commercial, industrial or other purposes, or any combination of such uses, which are unfit or unsafe to occupy for such purposes and are conducive to ill health, transmission of disease, infant mortality, juvenile delinquency and crime because of any one or a combination of the following factors:
      1.   Defective design and character of physical construction;
      2.   Faulty interior arrangement and exterior spacing;
      3.   High density of population and overcrowding;
      4.   Inadequate provision for ventilation, light, sanitation, open spaces and recreation facilities;
      5.   Age, obsolescence, deterioration, dilapidation, mixed character or shifting of uses;
and is further characterized by properties which suffer from economic dislocation, deterioration or disuse because of one or more of the following factors which cause a reduction of, or lack of, proper utilization of the area to such an extent that it constitutes a serious physical, social or economic burden on the community which cannot reasonably be expected to be reversed or alleviated by private enterprise acting alone:
         a.   The subdividing and sale of lots of irregular form and shape and inadequate size for proper usefulness and development;
         b.   The laying out of lots in disregard of the contours and other topography or physical characteristics of the ground and surrounding conditions;
         c.   The existence of inadequate public improvements, public facilities, open spaces and utilities which cannot be remedied by private or governmental action without redevelopment;
         d.   The prevalence of depreciated values, impaired investments and social and economic maladjustment;
   C.   The redevelopment plan will redevelop the project area in conformity with the community redevelopment law of the state of California in the interests of the public peace, health, safety and welfare;
   D.   The adoption and carrying out of the redevelopment plan is economically sound and feasible;
   E.   The redevelopment plan conforms to the general plan of the city of Reedley;
   F.   The carrying out of the redevelopment plan will promote the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the city and will effectuate the purposes and policies of the community redevelopment law of the state of California;
   G.   The condemnation of real property is necessary to the execution of the redevelopment plan and adequate provisions have been made for payment for property to be acquired as provided;
   H.   The agency 1 has a feasible method or plan for the relocation of families and persons to be temporarily or permanently displaced from housing facilities in the project area;
   I.   There are or are being provided in the project area or in other areas not generally less desirable in regard to public utilities and public and commercial facilities and at rents or prices within the financial means of the families and persons displaced from the project area, if any, decent, safe and sanitary dwellings equal in number to the number of and available to such displaced families and persons and reasonably accessible to their places of employment;
   J.   Inclusion within the project area of any lands, buildings or improvements which are not detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare is necessary for the effective redevelopment of the area of which they are a part; and any such area included is necessary for effective redevelopment of the project area and is not included for the purpose of obtaining the allocation of tax increment revenues from such area, pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 33670, without other substantial justification for its inclusion;
   K.   The elimination of blight and redevelopment of the project area cannot be reasonably expected to be accomplished by private enterprise acting alone without the aid and assistance of the agency; and
   L.   The provision of low and moderate income housing outside the project area will be of benefit to the project. (Ord. 759, 7-16-1991)



2. Health & S.C. division 24, part 1.
1. See title 2, chapter 7 of this code.