A.   Application; Deposit For Municipal Utility Service: Before utility service shall be supplied to any premises, the owner or occupant of the property shall make a written application to the city for utility service on a form provided by and containing such information as may be required by the city. Applicants for utility service shall pay the applicable application fee established by city resolution. Any applicant for utility service who does not own the real property for which utility service is to be supplied shall pay a deposit equal to three (3) times the estimated average total monthly bill prior to establishing an account. Any property owner applicant for utility service may be required to pay a deposit equal to three (3) times the estimated average total monthly bill if the city's finance director or authorized designee deems their creditworthiness to be a financial risk for the city. The deposit shall be retained by the city until the applicant has terminated the utility account. At that time, if the fees and charges for utility services have been paid in full, the deposit shall be refunded to the applicant. Otherwise, all outstanding fees and charges will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining deposit balance, if any, shall be refunded to the applicant.
   B.   Applicant Liable: All charges for municipal utility service shall be considered as against the person or persons making the application for municipal utility service referred to in subsection A of this section.
   C.   Location Requirements: No application will be approved where the pipes to be connected do not meet applicable city standards. (Ord. 2014-004, 8-12-2014)