The purpose of redevelopment projects are:
   A.   Expansion and diversification of the city's economic and employment base, through the facilitation of industrial development and expansion.
   B.   Strengthening of the general retail and service commercial sectors of the local economy, through diversification and enhancement of population generated and income generated performance.
   C.   Strengthening of the aesthetic image of the community, with particular emphasis upon enhancement of the aesthetic qualities of the city's commercial core to support its competitive performance.
   D.   Recapture of general retail sales leakage from Reedley to other, larger trade centers.
   E.   Improvement in the quality of the community's existing housing stock, through rehabilitation and replacement programs.
   F.   Improvements to existing infrastructure supporting the project area, particularly streets, sewerage, water, storm drainage, curb, gutter and sidewalk, to remove existing impediments to the economic development of the community.
   G.   Enhancement of active and passive recreational opportunities and community facilities available to residents of the project area and supportive of the local population at large.
   H.   Elimination or mitigation of other existing blighting conditions and influences, including incompatible land uses, obsolete or substandard structures, inadequate public facilities and/or small, irregular and landlocked parcels. (Ord. 759, 7-16-1991)