A.   When any person constructs curbs and gutters on any dedicated street abutting the property, the city will at its expense restore the paving on each such street to the existing pavement.
   B.   Every person who constructs:
      1.   Any building in the city, except the construction of or addition to a minor accessory structure not intended for family living; or
      2.   Adds to any building, except an addition to a residential building which will not increase the enclosed area of such building intended for family living; or
      3.   Constructs or adds to any off street parking facility, shall, except to the extent the same are in place, dedicate any necessary street area and provide for the construction of curbs, gutters, sidewalks and paving on all public streets abutting the parcel of real property on which such construction is done. Such street paving shall extend from the gutter to the centerline of each abutting street or for a distance of eighteen feet (18') from the gutter where such abutting street is not a full street. The work required to be done in this subsection shall be done at the cost and expense of the property owner or person doing such construction, except that, where street paving exists from the centerline of the street toward the side of each street abutting such property, the city will pave the unpaved portion of such street to the gutter.
   C.   A permit for any work to be done pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be applied for in accordance with and subject to the provisions of chapter 5 of this title in addition to the special provisions provided in this chapter. Such permit shall be issued, or an exception or deferral, as provided in subsection 7-4-1B of this title, shall be granted prior to or in conjunction with the issuance of any building permits or other permits for such property. (Ord. 561, 6-1-1976)