(a)   No person shall keep, harbor, own or knowingly allow to be in or upon the person's premises any dangerous exotic animal including any large carnivore (as defined by Act 274 of 2000), wolf or wolf-dog cross (as defined by Act 246 of 2000), coyote, any deadly, dangerous or venomous reptile or any other exotic animal declared to be dangerous by the Zoning Administrator, county health department director, or director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources or its successor department.
   (b)   Any animal that is determined to be a dangerous exotic animal shall be immediately impounded. The dangerous exotic animal shall remain impounded until one of the following occurs:
      (1)   The Zoning Administrator determines that the animal is not an exotic dangerous animal; or
      (2)   The owner satisfies an animal control officer that the animal will be kept in a lawful manner; or
      (3)   The owner relinquishes ownership of the animal and the animal is either humanely destroyed or placed with a person who shall keep the animal in a lawful manner; or
      (4)   A person charged with a violation of this Section has been found "not guilty" and the judge orders the animal released; or
      (5)   A court determines that the animal is not a dangerous exotic animal.
   (c)   This Section shall not apply to a properly maintained and licensed zoological park, circus, scientific or educational institution, research laboratory or veterinary hospital, or an animal kept in compliance with Act 246 of 2000 or Act 274 of 2000.
(Ord. 005-2018.  Passed 10-15-18.)