(a)   This Chapter is supplemental to the Michigan Public Health Code, as amended, and 368 P.A. of 1978, and to other statutes duly enacted by the State of Michigan relating to public health and safety. Where the provisions of any other state law, local ordinance or regulation, or administrative agency rules apply, the more restrictive of any or all laws, ordinances, regulations or rules shall prevail.
   (b)   This Chapter shall be liberally construed for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the people of the City of Reed City. This Chapter shall supersede a less stringent or inconsistent provision enacted by a local governmental entity for the protection of public health.
   (c)   Neither the health office nor any other person empowered to enforce the provisions of this Chapter shall knowingly implement the provisions of this Chapter if in so doing, a violation of any state or local statute, ordinance, regulation or rule would exist.
(Ord. 007-2018. Passed 1-22-19.)