All home occupations shall meet all of the following conditions:
   (a)   The home occupation must be operated within the principal dwelling or accessory building located upon the premises.
   (b)   The home occupation shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to its use for residential purposes by its occupants.
   (c)   There shall be no change in the outside appearance of the building or premises or other visible evidence of the conduct of such home occupation.
   (d)   No radios, televisions, computers, or other equipment or process that creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses off the premises shall be used in such home occupation.
   (e)   The total area of such use must not exceed fifty percent of the total gross floor space of the principal structure.
   (f)   The business will not create traffic more than that which is normal and customary for a residential use.
   (g)   No display of goods is visible from any public way.
   (h)   No persons shall be employed other than dwelling occupants.
   (i)   The occupation shall not involve or require interior or exterior alterations or the use of mechanical equipment except that customarily found or utilized for residential or office purposes.
   (j)   One unlighted wall sign is permitted providing it does not exceed two square feet.
   (k)   The use may not involve the retail sale of goods.
      (Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)