The signs and devices listed in this section shall not be permitted, erected or maintained in any district.
   (a)   Signs which incorporate in any manner any flashing or moving lights, including portable electronic message centers, digital L.E.D. signs, and fiber optic display units. This subsection does not apply to electronic message centers in conformity with Section 1282.07.
   (b)   String lights used in connection with commercial premises for commercial purposes.
   (c)   Any sign which has any intermittent electrical pulsations.
   (d)   Any sign or sign structure which is structurally unsafe; or constitutes a hazard to safety or health by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation, or abandonment, or is not kept in good repair; or is capable of causing electrical shocks to persons likely to come in contact with it.
   (e)   Any sign which, by reason of its size, location, content, coloring, or manner of illumination, constitutes a traffic hazard or a detriment to traffic safety by obstructing the vision of drivers or by obstructing or detracting from the visibility of any traffic sign or control device on public streets or roads.
   (f)   Any sign which obstructs free ingress to or egress from a required door, window, fire escape, or other required exitway.
   (g)   Signs which make use of words such as "STOP," "LOOK," "DANGER," or any other words, phrases, symbols, colors, or characters, in such manner as to interfere with, mislead, or confuse traffic.
   (h)   Any sign or other advertising structure containing any obscene, indecent, or immoral  words or images; and
   (i)   Any sign unlawfully installed, erected, or maintained; or
   (j)   Any sign now or hereafter existing which no longer advertises a bona fide business conducted or product sold.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97; Ord. 07-05.  Passed 7-16-08; Ord. Unno.  Passed 6-16-14.)