Loading and unloading spaces shall be provided in all C-1, C-2, and IND Districts in connection with commercial and industrial uses subject to the following standards and regulations:
   (a)   Off-street loading areas shall be surfaced with a concrete or bituminous mix pavement and shall be sloped and drained to dispose of surface water.
   (b)   Any lighting used to illuminate off-street loading areas shall be so arranged as to direct light away from adjoining premises.
   (c)   Each loading space shall be at least ten feet wide and twenty-five feet long, and shall have a clearance of fourteen feet above grade.
   (d)   Required loading areas shall be in addition to required off-street parking areas.
   (e)   Loading spaces may occupy all or any part of any required yard or court space.
   (f)   No loading spaces shall be located closer than fifty feet to any lot in any R-1 or R-2 District unless wholly within an enclosed building, or enclosed on all sides facing R-1 or R-2 Districts by a wall or uniformly painted solid board or masonry fence of uniform appearance which is not less than six feet in height.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)