(a)   The City Council shall be provided with a copy of the Planning Commission's report regarding its decision of approval, approval with conditions, or denial of the PUD site plan along with a summary of comments received at the public hearing, minutes of all proceedings, and all documents related to the PUD request.
   (b)   The City Council shall also be provided with the Planning Commission's recommendation on the proposed rezoning of the PUD site.  After receipt of the recommendation of the Planning Commission on the proposed rezoning, the City Council may hold a public hearing to consider the rezoning request.  Notice of the public hearing, if held, shall be given in the same manner as required by this Zoning Code.
   (c)   In making its determination on the proposed PUD rezoning, the City Council may consider the Planning Commission's report and decision regarding the Planning Commission's approval or denial of the PUD site plan; but the City Council shall not engage in a substantive review of the details of a site plan that has been approved by the Planning Commission.
   (d)   The City Council shall approve or deny the petition to rezone the site, subject to the site plan, as approved by the Planning Commission, or shall refer the petition back to the Planning Commission for further review.
   (e)   No construction shall commence, and no construction permits shall be issued for all or any phase of a PUD, until a site plan has been approved by the Planning Commission and the property has been rezoned by the City Council as provided by this chapter.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)