(a)   Applications for PUD approval shall be submitted as provided by this section.
   (b)   An application for PUD approval shall require submission of a site plan as required by this Zoning Code.  To the extent not otherwise provided pursuant to the requirements of this Zoning Code, the site plan for the PUD shall also contain the following information:
      (1)   The square footage or acreage allocated to each proposed permitted use.
      (2)   The locations of all structures, including proposed setbacks, typical layout, and elevation for each type of use.
      (3)   Density calculations, number and types of residential units, and floor area per habitable space.
      (4)   A description of all proposed permitted nonresidential uses, if any.
      (5)   A landscape plan showing all woodlands, vegetation, and other natural features to be preserved or added, topography, and similar features.
      (6)   The location and area of each development phase of a multi phased development.
   (c)   An application for PUD approval shall also require submission of a fully completed PUD application form.  The PUD application form shall require the applicant to provide information regarding the proposed PUD in sufficient detail for the Planning Commission to determine compliance with this chapter and with other applicable laws or regulations, including, at a minimum, information regarding the following characteristics of the proposed PUD development:
      (1)   The scope and nature of the proposed PUD and the objectives and purposes to be served by the PUD.
      (2)   Compliance with all applicable requirements under local, State, or Federal laws.
      (3)   The development and construction schedule indicating the approximate date for commencement of construction, the stages or phases in which the project will be built, and the expected starting and completion dates of each stage.
      (4)   The identification and description of the organization or individual that will own and maintain all land areas within the PUD, including common open space.
      (5)   Compliance with the City's master plan.
      (6)   The impact of the PUD on public utilities, facilities, or services on surrounding properties and on the natural environment.
      (7)   The status of ownership or control of the PUD such that there is a single person or entity having responsibility for completing the PUD in conformance with an approved site plan.
   (d)   If the site of a proposed PUD has not previously been rezoned as a PUD District, the applicant must also apply for the necessary rezoning as a part of the application for PUD approval.
   (e)   The required PUD application materials shall be filed with the Zoning Administrator, who shall transmit the materials and the petition for rezoning to the Planning Commission.  The application must be filed at least thirty days prior to the Planning Commission hearing at which it is first to be considered.  Each application shall be accompanied by the payment of a fee in accordance with the schedule of fees adopted by the City Council.  No part of this fee shall be refundable.  No transmittals shall be made unless the required fees have been paid in full.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)