(a)   The Planning Commission may determine that a better or more appropriate project design can be achieved, consistent with the purposes and objectives of this chapter, by not applying the otherwise applicable minimum requirements provided by this Zoning Code based on the application of site planning criteria and the characteristics of the project area.  In some cases, adherence to minimum requirements is not required to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of those using the development or adjacent property or to achieve the purposes and objectives of this Zoning Code; then the Planning Commission may authorize less restrictive minimum requirements to be integrated into the approved PUD site plan for the project in question.
   (b)   The overall site density for a PUD project for which any of the minimum requirements has been modified shall not exceed the density that would otherwise be permitted by the density limitations applicable under this chapter without any modification of the minimum requirements.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)