(a)   Except as otherwise expressly provided, the area, depth, frontage, setback, height, and other bulk and placement regulations for permitted uses in a PUD shall not be less than the minimum standards for the regulations applicable in the district in which it is located.
   (b)   All other uses permitted within the PUD District shall meet, as a minimum, the regulations that would otherwise be applicable to the use as provided by the "Schedule of District Regulations."  If the use is permitted in more than one district or is subject to more than one set of regulations, the most restrictive regulations applicable to that use shall constitute the minimum standards for purposes of the PUD in question.
   (c)   Parking requirements for the PUD shall be equal to the sum of the parking requirements for all uses proposed for the PUD as provided in this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)