The provisions of this chapter are intended to provide flexibility and creativity in the site planning and development process and to provide requirements and standards for the submission, review, and approval of applications for planned unit developments (PUDs).  The purposes and objectives of these PUD regulations include the following:
   (a)   To accomplish the intent, purposes, and objectives of this Zoning Code through a land development project review process based on the application of site planning criteria to achieve integration of the proposed land development project with the characteristics of the project area.
   (b)   To permit flexibility in the regulation of land development.
   (c)   To encourage innovation in land use and variety in design, layout, and type of structures constructed.
   (d)   To achieve economy and efficiency in the use of land, natural resources, energy, and the provision of public services and utilities.
   (e)   To encourage provision of useful open space and more desirable living and shopping environments by preserving the natural character of open fields, stands of trees, wetland and surface water features, floodplains, hills, and similar natural assets.
   (f)   To provide adequate housing, employment, and shopping opportunities particularly suited to the needs of the residents of the City and to encourage the development of recreational facilities and neighborhood commercial facilities in a generally central location within a reasonable distance of all living units.
   (g)   To ensure that the land use or activity authorized shall be compatible with adjacent uses of land, the natural environment, and the capacities of public services and facilities affected by the land use.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)