(a)   Lumber and other building materials dealers.
   (b)   Paint, glass, and wallpaper stores.
   (c)   Hardware stores.
   (d)   Lawn and garden supply stores.
   (e)   Meat and fish markets.
   (f)   Fruit and vegetable markets.
   (g)   Funeral homes.
   (h)   Liquor stores.
   (I)   Motels or hotels.
   (j)   Motor vehicle dealers (new and used).
   (k)   Automobile and home supply stores.
   (l)   Boat dealers.
   (m)   Recreational vehicle dealers.
   (n)   Motorcycle dealers.
   (o)   Movie and stage theaters.
   (p)   Radio and television broadcasting studios without communications towers.
   (q)   Drive-through or drive-in businesses.
   (r)   New and used mobile home sales and service.
   (s)   New and used recreational vehicle sales and service.
   (t)   Lumber, hardware, and building supplies.
   (u)   Yard and garden supplies and services.
   (v)   Fuel dealers.
   (w)   Advertising businesses.
   (x)   Pest control services.
   (y)   Equipment rental and leasing.
   (z)   Equipment and machine repair services.
   (aa)   Motor vehicle repair.
   (ab)   Shopping centers.
   (ac)   Depository institutions.
   (ad)   Eating and drinking establishments.
   (ae)   Health clubs and health centers.
   (af)   Adult day care centers.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97; Ord. 002-2017.  Passed 10-16-17; Ord. 006-2018.  Passed 1-22-19.)