(a)   Apparel and accessory stores.
   (b)   Appliance stores.
   (c)   Book stores.
   (d)   Camera and photographic supply stores.
   (e)   Drug stores.
   (f)   Florists.
   (g)   Tobacco stores and stands.
   (h)   News dealers and stands.
   (I)   Optical goods stores.
   (j)   Gift, novelty, and souvenir shops.
   (k)   Luggage and leather goods stores.
   (l)   Sewing, needlework, and piece goods stores.
   (m)   Hardware stores.
   (n)   Eating and drinking places.
   (o)   Departments stores.
   (p)   Variety stores.
   (q)   General merchandise stores.
   (r)   Candy, nut, and confectionery stores.
   (s)   Dairy products stores.
   (t)   Retail bakeries.
   (u)   Home furniture, furnishings, and equipment stores.
   (v)   Used merchandise stores.
   (w)   Sporting goods stores.
   (x)   Stationery stores.
   (y)   Jewelry stores.
   (z)   Hobby, toy, and game shops.
   (aa)   Tax preparation services.
   (ab)   Depository institutions.
   (ac)   Nondepository credit institutions.
   (ad)   Security and commodity brokers, dealers, exchanges, and services.
   (ae)   Insurance carriers.
   (af)   Insurance agents, brokers, and services.
   (ag)   Real estate.
   (ah)   Holding and other investment offices.
   (ai)   Funeral homes.
   (aj)   Barber shops and beauty salons.
   (ak)   Coin-operated laundries and dry cleaners.
   (al)   Governmental administrative facilities.
   (am)   Membership organizations and fraternal associations.
   (an)   Motels or hotels.
   (ao)   Legal services.
   (ap)   Movie and stage theaters.
   (aq)   Video rental.
   (ar)   Engineering, accounting, research, and consulting services.
   (as)   Tattoo parlors.
   (at)   Medical offices and clinics.
   (au)   Health clubs and health centers.
   (av)   Adult day care centers.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97; Ord. Unno.  Passed 3-24-00; Ord. 002-2017.  Passed 10-16-17; Ord. 006-2018.  Passed 1-22-19.)