All principal uses, accessory uses, and special uses in the R-4 District will be subject to area, height, and location regulations as specified on the accompanying schedule, and off-street parking regulations according to this Zoning Code.
   (a)   Density:  Ten dwelling units per acre.
   (b)   Lot Size:  N/A
   (c)   Setbacks:   Front:   35 feet
            Rear:   35 feet
            Side:   35 feet
   (d)   Lot Width:      N/A
   (e)   Structure Height:   45 feet
   (f)   Dwelling Size:   One Bedroom -   600    square feet
      Two Bedrooms -   700    square feet      Three Bedrooms -   800    square feet
      Four Bedrooms -    900    square feet      Five Bedrooms -    1,000    square feet
   (g)   Dwelling Width:   24 feet
      (Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)