For the purpose of furthering the desirable future development of the City and adjacent areas under the master plan, the Planning Commission, after the adoption of the master plan, may prepare coordinated and comprehensive programs of public structures and improvements which shall be accompanied by a program for the financing thereof. The Planning Commission may annually prepare such a program for the ensuing six years, which program shall show those public structures and improvements in the general order of their priority, which in the Planning Commission's judgment will be needed or desirable and can be financed and undertaken within the six-year period. The above comprehensive coordinated programs shall be based upon the requirements of the City of Reed City and the adjacent areas related thereto in the master plan for all types of public improvements, and to that end, each agency or governmental unit concerned with such improvement shall, upon request, furnish the Planning Commission with lists, plans and estimates of the time and cost of public improvements within the purview of such agency or governmental unit.
(1981 Code § 5.17)