The grounds for disapproval of any plat shall be stated upon the records of the Planning Commission. Any plat submitted to the Planning Commission shall contain the name and address of a person to whom notice of a hearing shall be sent; and no plat shall be acted on by the Commission without affording a hearing thereon. Notice of the time and place of such hearing shall be sent to the said address by registered mail not less than five days before the date fixed therefor. Similar notice shall be mailed to the owners of land immediately adjoining the platted land, as their names appear upon the records of the City of Reed City or as their addresses appear in the directory of the City of Reed City or on the tax records of the City of Reed City. Every plat approved by the Planning Commission shall, by virtue of such approval, be deemed to be an amendment of or an addition to or a detail of the Municipal plan and a part thereof. Approval of a plat shall not be deemed to constitute or effect an acceptance by the public of any street or other open space shown upon the plat. The Planning Commission may, from time to time, recommend to the City Council amendment of the Zoning Code or the Zoning Map or additions thereto to conform to the Planning Commission's recommendations for the zoning regulations of the territory comprised within approved subdivisions. The Planning Commission shall have the power to agree with the applicant upon use, height, area or bulk requirements or restrictions governing buildings and premises within the subdivision, provided such requirements or restrictions do not authorize the violation of the then effective Zoning Code. Such requirements or restrictions shall be stated upon the plat prior to the approval and recording thereof and shall have the same force of law and be enforceable in the same manner and with the same sanctions and penalties and subject to the same power of amendment or repeal as though set out as part of the Zoning Code or the Zoning Map.
(1981 Code § 5.16)