The Planning Commission shall have the power to promote public interest in and understanding of the plan and to that end may publish and distribute copies of the plan or of any report and may employ such other means of publicity and education as it may determine. Members of the Planning Commission, when duly authorized by the Planning Commission, may attend city planning conferences or meetings of city planning institutes, or hearings upon pending city planning legislation, and the City Council, may, by resolution spread upon its minutes, pay the reasonable traveling expenses incident to such attendance. The Planning Commission shall, from time to time, recommend to the appropriate public officials programs for public structures and improvements and for the financing thereof. It shall be part of its duties to consult and advise with public officials and agencies, public utility companies, civic, educational, professional and other organizations and citizens with regard to the protecting or carrying out the plan. The Planning Commission shall have the right to accept and use gifts for the exercise of its functions. All City officials and employees shall, upon request, furnish to the Planning Commission, within a reasonable time, such available information as it may require for its work. The Planning Commission, its members, officers and employees, in the performance of their function, may enter upon any land and make examination and surveys and place and maintain necessary monuments and marks thereon. In general, the Planning Commission shall have such powers as may be necessary to enable it to fulfill its functions, promote municipal planning, or carry out the purposes of this chapter.
(1981 Code § 5.12)