Whenever the Planning Commission shall have adopted the master plan of the City of Reed City or one or more major sections or districts thereof, no street, square, park or other public way, ground or open space or public building or structure, shall be constructed or authorized in said City or in such planned section and district until the location, character and extent thereof shall have been submitted to and approved by the Planning Commission. In case of disapproval the Commission shall communicate its reasons to the Council, which shall have the power to overrule such disapproval by a recorded vote of not less than two-thirds of its entire membership. However, if the authorizing or financing of such public way, ground, space, building, structure or utility does not, under the law or Charter provisions
governing same, fall within the province of the City Council, the submission to the Planning Commission shall be by the board, commission or body having such jurisdiction, and the Planning Commission's disapproval may be overruled by said board, commission or body by a vote of not less than two-thirds of its membership. The failure of the Planning Commission to take final action, within sixty days from and after the date of official submission to it, shall be deemed approval. (1981 Code § 5.10)