The Planning Commission may, from time to time, adopt and publish a part or parts of said proposed master plan, any such part to cover one or more major sections or divisions of the Municipality or one or more of the aforesaid or other functional matters to be included in the plan. The Planning Commission may from time to time amend, extend, or add to the plan. In the preparation of such plan the Planning Commission shall make careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of present conditions and future growth of the Municipality and with due regard to its relation to the neighborhood or neighboring territory. The plan shall be made with the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted and harmonious development of the Municipality and its environs which will, in accordance with the present and future needs, best promote health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare, as well as efficiency and economy in the process of development; including among other things, adequate provision for traffic, the promotion of safety from fire and other dangers, adequate provision for light and air, the promotion of the healthful and convenient distribution of population, the promotion of good civic design and arrangement, wise and efficient expenditure of public funds and the adequate provision of public utilities and other public requirements.
(1981 Code § 5.7)