(a)   Surcharges.
      (1)   A surcharge will be applied for discharges with a measured BOD content in excess of 300 mg/l.
      (2)   A surcharge will be applied for discharges with a measured total suspended solids concentration in excess of 250 mg/l.
      (3)   A surcharge will be applied for discharges with a measured phosphorus content in excess of 7.5 mg/l.
      (4)   A surcharge will be applied for discharges with a measured ammonia content in excess of ninety mg/l.
      (5)   When applicable limits for BOD or total suspended solids are exceeded, the industrial user will be subject to enforcement action in accordance with the City's Enforcement Response Guide and this chapter. This action is in addition to an appropriate surcharge fee.
      (6)   Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, the City Council may establish surcharge provisions for accepting other waste fluids, solids, pollutants, or materials.
      (7)   Surcharges provided for under paragraphs (a)(1) through (4) hereof shall be limited in amount to that reasonably estimated as necessary and appropriate to recover the incremental costs of handling the portion of such waste fluids, solids, pollutants or materials which exceed applicable prohibited discharge limits The rate of surcharge shall be annually determined by the City Council, based upon the Superintendent's budgeting recommendation.
   (b)   Fees. The City may adopt reasonable fees for reimbursement of costs of setting up and operating the City's pretreatment program, which may include:
      (1)   Fees for wastewater discharge permit applications, including the cost of processing such applications;
      (2)   Fees for monitoring, inspection, and surveillance procedures, including the cost of collection and analyzing a user's discharge, and reviewing monitoring reports submitted by users;
      (3)   Fees for reviewing and responding to accidental discharge procedures and construction;
      (4)   Fees for filing appeals; and
      (5)   Other fees as the City may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein. These fees relate solely to the matters covered by this chapter and are separate from all others fees, fines, and penalties chargeable by the City.
   (c)   Interest. All users and contractees, and those local unit(s) of government contributing to the POTW shall be assessed a ten percent penalty on any unpaid balance thirty days after receipt of an invoice, whether for cost of treatment, debt service, monitoring or otherwise. Interest shall commence to accrue on any unpaid balance sixty days after receipt of an invoice by the user, and continue to accrue on any unpaid arrearage at the rate of one percent per month. (Ord. 22C. Passed 4-15-96.)