Where a violation of Section 1042.13 is not corrected by timely compliance by means of administration adjustment, the Authority may order any discharger which causes or allows conduct prohibited by Section 1042.13 to show cause before the Authority or its duly authorized representative why the proposed service termination action should not be taken. A written notice shall be served on the discharger by personal service, certified or registered, return receipt requested, specifying the time and place of the hearing to be held by the Authority or its designee regarding the violation, the reasons why the enforcement action is to be taken and the proposed enforcement action, and directing the discharger to show cause before the Authority or its designee why the proposed enforcement action should not be taken. The notice of the hearing shall be served no less than ten days before the hearing. Service may be made on any agent, officer, or authorized representative of a discharger. The proceedings at the hearing shall be considered by the Authority, which shall then enter appropriate orders with respect to the alleged improper activities of the discharger. Appeal of such orders may be taken by the discharger in accordance with applicable local or state law.
(Ord. 22A. Passed 8-19-85.)