(a)   If a meter has been tested at the request of a consumer and shall have been determined to register “fast” the City shall credit the consumer with a sum equal to the percent “fast” multiplied by the amount of all bills incurred by said consumer within the three months prior to the test, and if a meter so tested is determined to register “slow”, the Department may collect from the consumer a sum equal to the percent “slow” multiplied by the amount of all the bills incurred by the consumer for the prior three months. When the Department on its own initiative makes a test of a water meter, it shall be done without cost to the consumer, other than his or her paying the amount due the City for water used by him or her, as above provided, if the meter is found to be slow.
   (b)   The City Manager, in his or her discretion, and without prior City Council approval, may issue a “run water” notice, if the City Manager believes such a notice is prudent to safeguard the City’s water distribution system. The City Manager may also rescind such a notice in his or her discretion. If the City Manager issues a “run water” notice, the consumer may ask to be added a “run water” list maintained by the Department. For each month the “run water” notice is active, the Department shall credit said consumer’s bill in the amount of the difference between the amount metered in that month, and the average of the consumer’s meter for the three months preceding the issuance of the “run water” notice. In no case, however, may said consumer’s credit for such a month exceed the fee for the use of 6,000 gallons per month.
(1981 Code § 2.10) (Ord. 002-2014. Passed 9-15-14.)