Whenever the City Manager shall determine that a sidewalk is unsafe for use, notice may be given to the owner of the lot or premises adjacent to and abutting upon said sidewalk of such determination, which notice shall be given in accordance with Section 1022.11. Thereafter, it shall be the duty of the owner to place said sidewalk in a safe condition. Such notice shall specify a reasonable time, not less than seven days, within which such work shall be commenced, and shall further provide that the work shall be completed with due diligence. If the owner of such lot or premises shall refuse or neglect to repair said sidewalk within the time limit therefor, or in a manner otherwise than in accordance with this chapter, the City Manager shall have said sidewalk repaired. If the City Manager determines that the condition of said sidewalk is such that immediate repair is necessary to protect the public, he or she may dispense with said notice. The cost of repairs hereunder shall be charged against the premises which said sidewalk adjoins and the owner of said premises, and shall be collected as provided for single lot assessments in the Charter.
(1981 Code § 4.69)