(a)   The Development Plan as presented to the City Council is hereby approved and adopted. The duration of the Plan shall be a minimum of fifteen years from the effective date of this section or the date of issuance of the last series of bonds pursuant to the Development Plan, whichever is later, except as it may be extended by subsequent amendment of the Plan and this chapter. A copy of the Plan and all amendments thereto shall be maintained on file in the City Clerk's office and cross-indexed to this chapter
   (b)   (Ord. 27A.  Passed 12-15-86.)
   (c)   The City Council hereby adopts and approves the amended Downtown Development Authority Tax Increment Finance and Development Plan, effective June 17, 2002.
(Ord. 27D.  Passed 6-4-97; Ord. 880.02(c). Passed 6-17-02.)