Whenever any tree, plant or shrubbery, or part thereof, or weeds, noxious weeds, and grass are growing in any street or public place, or upon private property contiguous to a street or sidewalk, or public place, or are a public nuisance as defined by this chapter, and are trimmed or removed by the City or its contractor, then, after the work is done, the City shall give five days notice, by regular mail, to the owner of such lot or parcel of land, at his or her last known address, to pay the cost of such trimming or removal of trees, plants, shrubbery, grass, noxious weeds, or weeds, or parts thereof. The expense shall include any actual costs or charges incurred by the City, plus any administrative charges as deemed necessary by the City Council. Said notice shall be accompanied by a statement of the amount of cost incurred, and in the event the same is not paid within thirty days after the mailing of said notice, then such amount shall be certified to the City Treasurer for collection of the same as other taxes and assessments are collected. The City Clerk or Treasurer may also file with the County Register of Deeds a statement of lien claim. This statement shall contain a legal description of the premises, the amount of the costs and expenses incurred, the date the weeds, grass, or other vegetation was cut or removed, and a notice that the City claims a lien in that amount.
(Ord. 06-003. Passed 8-21-06. Ord. 001-2020. Passed 9-21-20.)