(a)   The owner, occupant or person having the charge of management of any lot or parcel of land situated within the corporate limits, whether the same be improved or unimproved, vacant or occupied, within five days of written notice to do so, served upon him or her in conformity with Section 202.04 of these Codified Ordinances, shall cut or destroy or cause to be cut or destroyed any noxious or poisonous weeds or vines growing upon any such lot or parcel of land, and prevent the same from blooming or going to seed or exceeding a height of six inches.
   (b)   Said owner, occupant, or manager of any lot or parcel of land shall not allow or cause any accumulation of weeds, grass, leaves or cut foliage to be deposited, dumped, or disposed of upon any street or sidewalk. Excepted from this chapter are any leaves or debris picked up or collected by the City during the time of September 1 to November 15 of each year, per usual custom or practice, or through notice by publication of the City, unless it is causing a hazard to the health or safety of the public. If the above listed yard waste or debris is found to be a hazard, the owner, occupant, or manager of that lot or parcel shall be given the opportunity, when practical, to immediately abate the hazard before a citation is issued.
(Ord. 06-003. Passed 8-21-06. Ord. 001-2020. Passed 9-21-20.)