(a)   The City shall maintain trees, plants and shrubbery located on land within the City right-of-way in the corporate limits with any part thereof overhanging a public street or sidewalk so that it conforms to this chapter. The property owner is responsible for maintaining all trees, plants and shrubbery located on private property outside the City right-of-way to conform to this chapter.
      (1)   Trees, plants and shrubbery shall be trimmed so that a clear height of eight feet between the lowest branches of the same and the street or sidewalk is maintained.
      (2)   Every dead, decayed or broken tree, plant or shrubbery, or part thereof, shall be trimmed or removed, as the case may require, so that the same shall not fall to the street or sidewalk.
      (3)   Trees, plants and shrubbery, or any part thereof, shall be cut down or removed as necessary to provide a clear and unobstructed view of traffic from all directions at any street or intersection, or to prevent obstruction to any street lights or wires.
   (b)   The owner of every lot or parcel of land within the corporate limits shall cut or cause to be cut any grass or weed standing at the height of six inches or more.
   (c)    In accordance with the provisions of this chapter, vacant or undeveloped parcels or lots shall be exempted from the height requirement but must maintain an area of twenty feet from the curb line, or road edge if there is not curb, at a height of no greater than six inches to allow for a clear vision area. If an undeveloped or vacant property abuts a developed or occupied property, the twenty feet also apply to the abutting property line. Said owner is not exempted from the provisions of this chapter regarding noxious weeds.
(Ord. 06-003. Passed 8-21-06. Ord. 001-2020. Passed 9-21-20.)