No person within the City of Reed City shall:
      (1)   Commit an assault or an assault and battery on any person.
      (2)   Endanger directly the safety of another person or of property or act in a manner that causes a public disturbance.
      (3)   Engage in any indecent, insulting, immoral, or obscene conduct in any public place.
      (4)   Discharge any firearm, air rifle, air pistol or bow and arrow in the City, except when lawfully acting in the defense of persons or property or the enforcement of law or at a duly established range, the operation of which has been approved by the City Council.
      (5)   Fire, discharge, display or possess any fireworks except of the type and under the conditions permitted by State statute.
      (6)   Engage in peeping in the windows of any inhabited place.
      (7)   Make any immoral exhibition or indecent exposure of his or her person.
      (8)   Utter profane, obscene or injurious language directed at or in the presence of another person, which language causes or would tend to cause an immediate breach of the peace.
      (9)   Willfully destroy, damage, or in any manner deface any property not his or her own, any public school building, or any public building, bridge, fire hydrant, street light, street sign or parking meter, or mark or post handbills on, or in any manner mar, the walls of any public building, or destroy, take, or meddle with any property belonging to the City or remove the same from the building or place where it may be kept, placed or stored, without proper authority.
      (10)   Engage in any disturbance, fight or quarrel in a public place.
      (11)   Play any game in any public street or sidewalk or otherwise obstruct traffic on any street or sidewalk by collecting in groups thereon, for any purpose.
      (12)   Engage in any act of prostitution.
      (13)   Attend, frequent, operate or be an occupant of any place where prostitution, gambling, the illegal sale of intoxicating liquor, or any other illegal or immoral business or occupation is permitted or conducted.
      (14)   Solicit or accost any person for the purpose of inducing the commission of any illegal or immoral act.
      (15)   Disturb the public peace and quiet by loud, boisterous, or vulgar conduct.
      (16)   Permit or suffer any place occupied or controlled by him or her to be a resort of noisy, boisterous, or disorderly persons.
      (17)   Obstruct, resist, hinder, or oppose any member of the police force, or any peace officer in the discharge of his or her duties as such.
      (18)   Prowl on the private premises of any other person in the nighttime, without authority or the permission of the owner of such premises.
      (19)   Disturb any school, meeting, or congregation lawfully assembled, whether religious, political, or otherwise.
      (20)   Wrongfully throw or propel any snowball, missile or object toward any person or automobile.
      (21)   Summon, as a joke or prank or otherwise without any good reason therefor, by telephone or otherwise, the Police or Fire Department or any public or private ambulance to go to any address where the service called for is not needed.
      (22)   Destroy, damage or in any manner alter or deface any drinking fountain or public toilet or restroom; or deposit or throw any substance in any water fountain for drinking; or in any manner pollute the water therein.
      (23)   Urinate or defecate on any public street or sidewalk, or on the floor of that part of any building open to the public or any other place in view of the public not specifically designated for that purpose.
      (24)   Commit the offense of larceny by taking any property not his or her own and to which he or she has no claim or right with the intent permanently deprive the owner of lawful possession or receive or possess any such property, knowing the same to be stolen.
(Ord. 106A.  Passed 7-18-88.  Ord. 003-10.  Passed 6-21-10.)