(a)   "City." City of Reed City.
   (b)   "Primary Caregiver." A person who operating a "Medical Marijuana Dispensary" by supplying "Medical Marijuana" for up to five (5) "qualifying patients," and who is registered with the Michigan Department of Community Health or successor agency hereinafter referred to as "Department" for such purpose.
   (c)   "Medical Marijuana Dispensary." A facility where a "Primary Caregiver" who is legally registered by the Department may lawfully assist up to five (5) "qualifying patients" who are also legally registered by the Department with the acquisition of medical marijuana in accordance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008.
   (d)   "Marijuana." That term as defined in Section 7106 of the Public Health Code, 1978 PA 368, M.C.L.A. § 333-7106.
   (e)   "Medical Use." The acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, use, internal possession, delivery, transfer or transportation of marijuana or paraphernalia relating to the administration of marijuana to treat or alleviate a registered "qualifying patient's" debilitating medical condition.
   (f)   "Qualifying Patient." A person who has obtained a valid registration card from the Department allowing them to possess and purchase medical marijuana.
(Ord. 001-10. Passed 3-15-10.)