606.01   PETS.
   (a)   No person shall keep or house any animals or domestic fowl within the City except for domestic pets as defined by Section 1240.07.
   (b)   A person may obtain a permit from the Zoning Administrator to keep a less common pet or exotic pet, as these terms are defined by Section 1240.07, within the City if the person complies with the following:
      (1)   They must obtain any licenses or permits required by law to possess the less common or exotic pet, including without limitation all permits required under Chapter 287 of Michigan's Compiled Laws.
      (2)   They must provide shelter and care in accordance with acceptable standards and practices set by national or international associations concerning the keeping of that animal.
      (3)   They must take the necessary precautions to protect the public from possible harm or illness when keeping such less common or exotic pet.
   (c)   Any first violation of this Section shall constitute a violation punishable by a civil penalty of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). A second or subsequent violation of this Section shall be punishable by a civil infraction of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00). For the purposes of enforcing the provisions of this Section, appearance tickets may be issued by sanitation officers, dog wardens, or by any person authorized to issue tickets for parking violations in the City.
   (d)   Any animal kept in violation of this Section may be impounded. The animal shall remain impounded until one of the following occurs:
      (1)   The owner satisfies the Zoning Administrator that the animal will be kept in a lawful manner; or
      (2)   The owner relinquishes ownership of the animal and the animal is either humanely destroyed or placed with a person who shall keep the animal in a lawful manner; or
      (3)   A person charged with a violation of this Section has been found "not responsible" and the judge orders the animal released; or
      (4)   A court determines that the animal is being kept in compliance with this Section.
(1981 Code § 9.4) (Ord. 005-2018.  Passed 10-15-18.)