4.1   Animal Control Officer; appointment and duties
   4.2   Badge
   4.3   Enforcement of chapter
   4.4   Powers and duties of Animal Control Officer
   4.5   Disposition of impounded animals
   4.6   Redemption of impounded animals
   4.7   Non-liability for impounded animals
   4.8   Fees for redemption; placement and surrender of animals
   4.9   Lien established against impounded animals
   4.10   Ferocious beasts
   4.11   Animals at large
   4.12   Inspection of premises; control of flies
   4.13   Removal of refuse, offal and the like from premises
   4.14   Dead animals, fowl and offal to be kept in containers pending removal from premises
   4.15   Livestock defined
   4.16   Keeping prohibited; exceptions
   4.17   Findings; keeping constitutes a nuisance
   4.18   Right of city to abate nuisance
   4.19   Effect of other regulations
   4.20   Penalties for violations; repeated violations