The several classes of general districts hereby established and into which the city is divided are designated as follows:
   (A)   RE, rural residential estates district;
   (B)   R-1, single-family residence district;
   (C)   R-2, two-family residence district;
   (D)   R-3, neighborhood apartment district;
   (E)   R-4, general apartment district;
   (F)   HR, historic residential district;
   (G)   C-1, neighborhood business district;
   (H)   C-2, central business district;
   (I)   C-3, general commercial district;
   (J)   F-C, freeway oriented commercial district;
   (K)   HC, historic commercial district;
   (L)   M-1, light industrial district;
   (M)   M-2, general industrial district;
   (N)   P-1, planned industrial district;
   (O)   A-V, airport district; and
   (P)   P-A, public agency district.
(`61 Code, § 25.02.1)  (Ord. 915, passed 6-20-2000; Am. Ord. 939, passed 5-20-2003)