Ord. No.   Date   Description
Unno.   4-2-06   Purchase for sewage disposal.
Unno.   5-15-06   Purchase for sewer disposal works.
Unno.   5-15-06   Sale of real estate not needed for any Municipal purposes.
66   4-21-13   Purchase in Rootstown for waterworks.
102   3-27-14   Purchase in Rootstown and Randolph for waterworks.
275   5-6-18   Purchase of part of original Twp. Lot 19 for water treatment plant.
317   11-3-19   Sale to Wood Stove Pipe.
356   10-4-20   Purchase in Rootstown for improvement of waterworks.
360   11-1-20   Purchase for City Hall and Fire Station site.
436   5-7-23   Purchase for barn for waterworks.
989   2-11-35   Purchase for park use.
992   3-4-35   Purchase for park use.
Res. 1061    3-15-37   Purchase for waterworks.
1160   3-4-40   Purchase for Municipal use.
Res. 1203    9-9-40   Purchase from H. Seymour for waterworks use.
1942-7   3-2-42   Sale of Lot 67 in the Chamber of Commerce Allotment.
Res.1942-35   10-5-42   Purchase from E. Fletcher for disposing of garbage and rubbish.
1943-7   2-1-43   Purchase from N. Brown and L. P. and H. B. Sorenson for waterworks.
1943-24   7-6-43   Sale of land adjacent to dump grounds.
1945-20   5-7-45   Sale of land purchased from L. P. Sorensen and Mrs. Sorensen.
1947-32   8-4-47   Purchase for playground.
1950-44   8-7-50   Purchase for park.
1954-3   1-4-54   Purchase for water force main.
1954-4   1-4-54   Purchase from H. R. and M. R. Kale for water force main.
1956-21   2-8-56   W. Hayes Rd. water line from E. S. Anderson.
1956-81   7-2-56   Site for sewerage lift station on N. Diamond St. from W. and M. Barnes.
1956-117   11-14-56   Site for sewerage lift station on S. Chestnut St. from Pennsylvania R.R.
1956-124   12-21-56   Hodgson Lake Waterworks System from Cleveland Worsted Mills Co.
1957-16   2-21-57   W. Spruce St. property from F. Bocanelli.
1957-48   7-3-57   A 5-ft. strip for N. Diamond St. sewer station.
1958-10   1-6-58   Park land to Portage Cty. for new court house.
1961-44   7-25-41   Exchange with Manor Real Estate of 2,466 acres in Lot 64, Ravenna Twp. for 757 acres in Lot 19, Rootstown Twp.
1961-58   10-17-61   Part of Lot 64, Ravenna Twp., to East Ohio Gas Co.
1964-10   3-2-64   Part of City Park to Ravenna Bd. of Education.
1964-32   8-11-64   Lot 46 in Chamber of Commerce Allotment to H. E. Long.
1965-13   5-3-65   Part of waterworks land to the State for Rt. 5 improvement.
1965-60   11-16-65   A 0.122 acre tract in Lot 64, Ravenna Twp., to L. G. Davis.
1965-60   11-16-65   A 14.41 acre tract in Lot 19, Rootstown Twp., for waterworks.
1966-7   2-7-66   Miracle Market property.
1972-72   11-6-72   Authorizes purchase of 46.11 acres from A. M. Clements for sewer plant expansion.
1974-2   2-4-74   Accepts part of Lot 12 along S.R. 88 for a sanitary lift station.
1974-24   2-18-74   Accepts part of Ravenna Twp. Lot 9, South Division, for sanitary sewer lines and a sanitary sewer pump station.
1976-166   11-1-76   Authorizes purchase of 5 acres on Chestnut St. from the City School Bd.
1977-25   2-28-77   Authorizes purchase of 33.337 acres on New Milford Rd. from F. N. Havre.
1980-11   4-21-80   Authorizes purchase of 3 acres west of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
1980-101   8-4-80   Authorizes purchase of 3 acres west of the Wastewater Treatment Plant; repeals Ord. 1980-11.
1983-107   12-31-83   Purchase of property at the southwest corner of Cedar Ave. and Meridian St.
1984-96   9-4-84   Sale of 0.0194 acre of City land.
1995-07   1-12-95   Authorizes purchase of certain real estate.
1995-129   7-3-95   Authorizes extension of the real estate purchase option agreement with the William Wallace Moore Testamentary Trust.
1995-167   9-18-95   Authorizes extension of the real estate purchase option agreement with the William Wallace Moore Testamentary Trust.
1997-128   8-4-97   Authorizes purchase of various lots from the Portage Area Development Corp. for low to moderate income housing purposes.
1997-150   8-4-97   Authorizes warranty deed to the State for property identified as Highway Parcel No. 1 WR.
1997-152   9-2-97   Authorizes transfer of 5360 S. Prospect St. to the Ravenna Economic Development Partnership (Community Improvement Corporation).
1997-173   10-6-97   Accepts transfer of Lots 132 and 133 of Elrath Park Allotment on Edgewood Ave. from D. Rowe.
2000-049   4-3-00   Authorizes general warranty deeds for exchange of property with D. and P. Stonestreet, being part of Lot 64, Ravenna Twp., South Division.
2000-050   4-3-00   Authorizes sale of property adjacent to and to the rear of Lot 107 in the Oakwood or Bidwell's Addition.
2001-065   5-7-01   Authorizing transfer of all property at the Maple Grove Union Cemetery from the City to the Maple Grove Union Cemetery Board.
2001-096   7-2-01   Authorizing purchase agreement for the buildings and property known as the Ravenna Armory located at 530 North Freedom Street.
2005-105   9-6-05   Authorizes a quit-claim deed and a property line agreement to Richard C. Miller.
2007-126   9-17-07   Authorizes a purchase agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #70 for the sale of property currently occupied by the FOP Lodge #70.
2009-003   1-5-09   Accepting approximately 26 acres of land on Sandy Lake Road from the estate of Tevesia Gungle.
2011-015   2-7-11   Accepting a quitclaim deed from Neighborhood Development Services for property located at 609 West Main Street.
2011-054   4-4-11   Accepting a quit claim deed from Jonathan and Julie Nelson for property located at 233 Beecher Street.
2011-055   4-4-11   Accepting a quit claim deed from Neighborhood Development services for property located at 427 Scranton Street.
2011-056   4-4-11   Accepting a quit claim deed from Neighborhood Development Services for property located at 468 Walnut Street.
2011-057   4-4-11   Accepting a quit claim deed from Neighborhood Development Services for property located at 455 West Main Street.
2013-074   5-6-13   Authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with the Portage County Board of Commissioners to accept four (4) parcels of real property located in the City in exchange for loan forgiveness.
2013-161   8-5-13   Authorizing the Mayor to execute a quit claim deed for the real property located at 1081 West Main Street, Ravenna, Ohio, Parcel No. 31-305-20-00-053-000 to Family & Community Services.
2013-162   8-5-13   Authorizing the Mayor to execute a quit claim deed transferring the real property located at 643 Cleveland Road.
2014-002   1-6-14   Accepts donation of real property from Lemmon & Lemmon containing approximately .373 acres for the Enterprise Parkway Extension.
2014-011   2-3-14   Authorizes agreement with Neighborhood Development Services for the acceptance of donated property located at 127 Pittsburg Street.
2014-183   11-3-14   Authorizes negotiation of purchase of property located at 659 Cleveland Road and appropriates $60,000.00 from RLF Section 17.
2015-094   7-6-15   Authorizing the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) to execute on behalf of the City purchase agreements for the properties owned by the City that are no longer needed for public purposes and to allow the CIC to retain for the benefit of the CIC any funds derived from such sales.
2018-025   3-5-18   Authorizing the exchange of property between the City and Robert and Kerry Armstrong.
2018-055   1-7-18   Accepting donation of property known as Parcel No. 31-321-00-00-167-001 from Stewart Buchanan for use by the Parks and Recreation Department.
2019-030   3-4-19   Authorizing the Mayor to execute a donation and acceptance agreement for a parcel of land known as 608 Spruce Avenue from the Portage County Land Reutilization Corporation.
2019-060   5-6-19   Accepting donation of two parcels of land in Rootstown Township from the Portage County Land Reutilization Corporation.
2021-007   1-4-21   Authorizing the Mayor to sign the conditional real estate sale and purchase agreement for 470 Lake Avenue authorized by Portage County Land Reutilization Corporation.
2022-034   3-7-22   Authorizing the Mayor to provide a letter of intent for the purchase of property from the Portage County Port Authority.
2022-075   7-5-22   Authorizing the Mayor to sign a real estate purchase agreement with the Portage County Port Authority Board of Directors on behalf of the Portage County Port Authority for the real property situated in the City, with Permanent Parcel No. 31-349-03-00-131-002.