Self-Service Filling Stations
1640.01   Definitions.
1640.02   License required; application; fees; suspension or revocation.
1640.03   Minimum standards; signs.
1640.04   Franchised dealers.
1640.05   Compliance with Ohio Fire Code and other standards.
1640.06   Compliance with N.F.P.A. Standards.
1640.99   Penalty; equitable remedy.
Self-service filling stations - see Ohio R.C. 3741.14
Franchised dealer's service option - see Ohio R.C. 3741.141
Refueling service for disabled persons at self-service price - see  Ohio R.C. 3741.15
Late night sales - see B.R. & T. Ch. 832
Gas stations as a conditionally permissible use - see P. & Z.  1274.04(f)
Signs for gas stations - see B. & H. 1458.12(e)