The following provisions shall apply in nonresidential zoning districts to parking garages accommodating more than ten vehicles and to open parking lots which are not accessory to a main use:
   (a)   Exemptions.  The provisions of this Building and Housing Code do not restrict directional and informational signs not readable from a public street.
   (b)   Sign Types. Parking garages and lots regulated by this section shall be permitted identification, business, directional and information signs displayed as either free-standing, projecting, wall or window signs.
   (c)   Number and Area. No more than two permitted signs shall be displayed at each vehicular entrance to the garage or lot. Except for directional and information signs not exceeding four square feet each in area, no other signs shall be permitted on the property. The combined area of all signage displayed at each entrance shall not exceed seventy-five square feet and no single sign shall exceed fifty square feet in area.
   (d)   Supplementary Provisions. Individual signs permitted for parking garages and lots shall conform to all provisions of this chapter that are not in conflict with the provisions of this section. With regard to the location of free-standing signs, the provisions applicable to the C-2 Heavy Commercial District shall apply.
      (Ord. 1993-135.  Passed 11-1-93.)