The Plumbing Inspector shall be notified by the person doing the plumbing when any work is ready for inspection, and the work shall be left uncovered and convenient for inspection until examined and approved by the Plumbing Inspector. If the Plumbing Inspector does not make an inspection within forty-eight hours after receipt of the notice, the person doing the work may proceed with the work and he or she shall not be required to uncover any work which has been covered. All parts of every plumbing system shall be made perfectly gastight. All soil, waste and vent pipes, when placed in position, shall be tested by the water test with at least a ten-foot head in the presence of the Plumbing Inspector. All work shall be inspected twice, first when the soil, vent, waste and lead pipes are roughed in and again when the job is completed. If not satisfactory, work must not be put to any use until the changes prescribed have received the approval of the Plumbing Inspector. After the plumbing work of a building has been tested as directed, no alterations will be permitted except upon written application of the owner or plumber in charge of the work.
(Ord. 1961-5. Passed 1-17-61.)