(a)   No plumbing work shall be done in the City, except the repair of leaks, without a permit being first issued therefor by the Plumbing Inspector. No permit shall be issued until plans or a description of the work to be done is submitted to and approved by the Plumbing Inspector. Application for such a permit shall be made to the Plumbing Inspector and shall be on forms provided by the Board of Plumbing Examiners. Each application shall be accompanied by such fees as are required by Chapter 1422.
   (b)   No such permit shall be issued, and no work shall be installed or used in any premises in the City, except where the drainage from bathtubs, water closets, urinals, washtubs, sinks, lavatories and latrines is to be immediately connected, under the prescribed conditions, to the sanitary sewer system of the City, if available, or to an approved septic system, nor shall any such permit be issued except where separate drainage connections are provided to the storm water sewers of the City for elevator water, roof water, overflow from cisterns, tanks, refrigerators, aquariums and fountains, surface water, surface water drains, steam exhaust or blowoff pipes from steam boilers, and drips from heating systems, wherever such storm sewer system is available.
(Ord. 1966-26. Passed 8-1-66.)