(a)   No building or structure shall be constructed, altered, enlarged, repaired or removed without the owner or contractor thereof first obtaining a building permit for such construction, alteration, enlargement, repair or removal.
   (b)   All buildings or structures shall be constructed, enlarged or altered in accordance with the City Building Code and the Ohio Basic Building Code and in accordance with plans first approved by the Building Department.
   (c)   No building or structure shall be used, occupied or operated within the City unless the Chief Building Official has issued or caused to be issued a certificate of occupancy therefor.
   (d)   Upon written notice to the owner or contractor of any building under construction or constructed, altered, repaired or removed, such owner or contractor shall remove, within thirty days of such notice, any construction, installation or application of work or materials constructed, installed or applied in violation of the City Building Code or the Ohio Basic Building Code.
(Ord. 1983-95. Passed 10-16-83.)