The Chief Building Official shall administer and enforce all laws of the State and ordinances of the City relating to the construction, alteration, maintenance and repair of buildings and structures and electric wiring, plumbing, heating and other mechanical devices which are an integral part of buildings and structures.
   The Chief Building Official shall act on all applications for permits to erect, construct, install, enlarge, alter, repair or remove any wall or any building, structure, plumbing, heating, integral electrical or ventilating apparatus, or any part thereof, and shall collect the fees fixed by Council for such inspections and pay them into the Municipal Treasury, when received. No building permit shall be issued unless the plans for such erection, construction, installation, enlargement, alteration or removal fully comply with the City Building Code and the Ohio Basic Building Code.
   The Chief Building Official shall examine all buildings in the course of the erection, alteration, repair or removal, as often as necessary to insure efficient supervision and construction in conformity with the plans and specifications.
   The Chief Building Official shall issue a certificate of occupancy as to all buildings constructed in accordance with the laws of the City or the State, and shall refuse to issue a certificate of occupancy as to all buildings or structures or parts thereof not constructed in accordance with such laws.
   The Chief Building Official shall keep complete records of all permits issued, fees collected and inspections made as well, as other official work performed, and shall submit to the Mayor a report on such activities once each month.
(Ord. 1983-95. Passed 10-16-83.)