The City Engineer shall be the Platting Commissioner of the City. Subject to the approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission, he or she shall provide regulations governing the platting of all kinds of lands so as to require all streets and alleys to be of proper width, to be coterminous with adjoining streets and alleys and otherwise to conform to the regulations prescribed by the Commission.  Whenever Council deems it expedient to plat any portion of territory within the City limits, in which the necessary or convenient streets or alleys have not already been accepted by the City so as to become public streets, or when any person plats any land within the corporate limits, if such plats are in accordance with the rules and regulations approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Platting Commissioner shall endorse his or her written approval thereon.  No plat subdividing lands within the corporate limits shall be entitled to record in the County Recorder's office without such written approval so endorsed thereon.  No condominium plats of areas within the City shall be filed with the County Tax Map Office or the County Recorder's Office without the approval of the Platting Commissioner.
(Ord. 1983-6.  Passed 4-4-83.)