The notice specified in Sections 680.01 and 680.02 may be served personally by the Director of Public Service or the Fire Chief, respectively, or by any member of the Police Department, or may be sent by regular mail to the owner at his or her tax mailing address as shown by the records of the County Treasurer. If the owner or occupant does not comply with the notice within the ten-day period, then the Director of Public Service shall cut the weeds and destroy or remove the combustible materials  and send a statement for the cost thereof to the owner in the same manner as the notice is served. In the event the statement is not paid within thirty days after the mailing of such statement, then the amount shall be certified to the County Auditor and placed upon the tax duplicate for collection in the same manner as other taxes and assessments are collected.  The remedy provided herein shall be in addition to the penalties provided in Sections 680.01(b) and 680.02(b).
(Ord. 1962-51.  Passed 9-4-62.)