(a)   There is hereby established in and for the City a Parks and Recreation Board consisting of five members to be appointed by the Mayor.  The terms of office and compensation of the members, and the organization and duties of the Board shall be as follows:
   (b)   The Parks and Recreation Board shall be an advisory body to the Administration and to Council.  Copies of the Parks and Recreation Board’s minutes, reports and recommendations shall regularly be filed with the Clerk of City Council and with the Mayor.  The powers and duties of the Parks and Recreation Board are to be general in nature, and shall not be final, determinative or of legislative effect.  The Parks and Recreation Board’s duties shall include, but not be limited to:
      (1)   A review of all City Parks and Recreation facilities and equipment and the preparation of recommendations concerning such and proposals as to future facilities and equipment.
      (2)   The preparation of recommendations and/or proposals from programs or events not presently being offered by the Department of Parks and Recreation;
      (3)   A review of recommendations or events proposed by the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the preparation of recommendations as to such proposals;
      (4)   The communication with the Ravenna School District of recreational activities in order to avoid unnecessary duplication;
      (5)   The review of all aspects of current programs or events being offered or sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation and the preparation of an analysis and recommendation report related to such current programs or events; and
      (6)   Preparation of a report suggesting criteria (for example, minimum attendance) to be considered in initiating and continuing Department of Parks and Recreation programs or events, and proposals to assist in making many such programs or events self-supporting.
         (Ord. 2015-125.  Passed 8-3-15.)