(a)   Compensatory time will be defined as time earned for work in excess of forty hours in a regularly scheduled workweek.
   (b)   Compensatory time will be calculated at a rate of one and one-half multiplied by the number of hours in excess of forty.
   (c)   Compensatory time may be awarded an employee, in lieu of payment of overtime hours. No employee may accumulate more than forty hours of compensatory time.
   (d)   Compensatory time applies to all hourly employees excluding those covered in Section 260.10 and those employees covered under a Union Contract.
   (e)   Compensatory time may be taken upon approval of the employee's supervisor and will be paid at the employee's prevailing hourly rate of pay. Compensatory time must be taken within thirty calendar days of the time it is awarded.
   (f)   Unused earned compensatory time will be paid out at the time an individual either terminates his or her employment with the City of Ravenna or for any reason becomes ineligible to receive compensatory time. The compensatory time will be paid at the employee's rate of pay prior to termination or loss of eligibility.
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