(a)   There is hereby established and adopted a job description for nonelective positions of employment in the City.  Such job description shall be done in the following format:
      (1)   Description of work.
         A.   General statement of duties;
         B.   Supervision received;
         C.   Supervision exercised.
      (2)   Major duties and their definitions.
      (3)   Minimum qualifications.
         A.   Required knowledge, skills and abilities;
         B.   Education;
         C.   Experience;
         D.   Other requirements unique to the position and/or department.
   (b)   The Administration shall review all job descriptions annually.  Such review shall be completed, and a written report shall be forwarded to the Personnel Committee of Council, no later than July 1 of each calendar year.  Such review shall note deletions, additions and other alterations of the job description.
   (c)   The Personnel Committee of Council shall review the Administration's revisions and present the written resume and Committee comments to Council and the Administration. 
(Ord. 1985-26.  Passed 3-4-85.)