(a)   All new employees shall serve a 180 day probationary period at Step A in their respective classification ranges. Upon the satisfactory completion of the probationary period, employees shall be granted a one-step increase in salary.
   (b)   Employees retained by the City will be upgraded one step of their pay range on each anniversary of their employment until Step F is attained, but only upon the recommendation of their supervisor.
   (c)   Employees hired by the City with a minimum of two years work experience, within the classification for which they are being hired, may start at Step C for the 180 day probationary period.
   (d)   Reinstatement. Pursuant to Section 124.32 and 124.50 of the Ohio Civil Service Laws, if an employee with a minimum of five years experience resigns from City employment and within one year is reinstated, the employee may start at one step below their previous pay step, at the discretion of the Mayor.
   (e)   Administrative departments may, at the discretion of the Appointing Authority, allow a new, full-time, non-union employee to commence employment for interim training purposes for a period of up to two weeks prior to a current employee departing for any reason. Interim training allows the number of employees established by ordinance for a job category to be increased by one for a period of up to two weeks.
   (f)   Employees transferred to a different job classification will be compensated at their existing rate of pay, if the maximum prescribed range of pay for the new classification is less than that being earned by the transferred employee.
(Ord. 2000-163. Passed 12-4-00; Ord. 2005-031. Passed 4-4-05; Ord. 2006-034.  Passed 3-6-06; Ord. 2006-213.  Passed 12-29-06; Ord. 2020-034.  Passed 3-23-20.)