(a)   A promotion shall be described as the movement of an individual from a lower pay range to a higher pay range with an expansion of job duties and/or responsibilities.
   (b)   In the event of a promotion, an individual shall receive a two step increase in his or her pay over the step rate he or she was receiving prior to his or her promotion. It will be further understood that if an individual is in the highest step of a pay range prior to his or her promotion and upon his or her promotion a two step increase in pay over his or her existing step cannot be accomplished within the next range, then the individual shall receive only that one step increase that would be available to him or her in the next higher range.
   (c)   Consent of Council must be secured whenever it is desired to:
      (1)   Create a new job classification;
      (2)   Enlarge the number of personnel in any classification;
      (3)   Increase the pay for any employee except as provided for in this chapter.
         (Ord. 2000-163. Passed 12-4-00; Ord. 2006-034.  Passed 3-6-06; Ord. 2006-213.  Passed 12-29-06; Ord. 2020-034.  Passed 3-23-20.)