260.03  HOLIDAYS.
   (a)   Each full-time employee shall be entitled to a day, consisting of eight hours, of full pay for each of the following holidays.
      (1)   New Year's Day
      (2)   Martin Luther King Day
      (3)   President's Day
      (4)   Memorial Day
      (5)   July 4th
      (6)   Labor Day
      (7)   Columbus Day
      (8)   Veteran's Day
      (9)   Thanksgiving Day
      (10)   Day after Thanksgiving
      (11)   Christmas Day
      (12)   Two personal days
   (b)   If any of these holidays fall on Sunday, the following Monday is considered the holiday. If any fall on Saturday, the preceding Friday is considered the holiday.
   (c)   Any employee forfeits holiday pay when:
      (1)   He or she is absent without pay for the entire week in which the holiday falls for any reason other than an approved leave.
      (2)   He or she is absent on either the workday before or the workday following the holiday, unless excused by his or her supervisor.
      (3)   He or she is absent on a holiday, which he or she is scheduled to work, unless excused by his or her supervisor.
   (d)   The personal holiday (personal days) may only be taken upon approval of the employee's supervisor and must be requested at least seven calendar days in advance unless waived or agreed upon by the employee's immediate supervisor and must be taken in eight hour increments.
      (1)   Employees hired prior to July 1st will receive two personal days to be taken before December 31st of that year.
      (2)   Employees hired July 1st through December 31st will receive one personal day to be taken in that calendar year.
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